Frequent questions

Questions that a lot of people have.

What is
  • is an easy to use and completely free image upload service. We accept .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and give you back a shareable link for you to send to others.
How do I upload screenshots and images?
  • Install ShareX and then double click on the configuration file (.sxcu) located on the homepage to install the custom uploader for ShareX.
Are my files saved forever on the server?
  • All files are kept permanently, unless we decide otherwise.
Why is there a 5MB upload limit?
  • We have a 5MB upload in order to prevent abuse and overload of our services.
What is being logged?
  • We don't save any data besides the images that are uploaded on our services, we do send a message using a webhook in a private (which is only visible for permitte one's) channel (on discord) that will look like this: "New upload: 5e5655.png by (24.13 KB)" with that being said it's obvious we only "save" the IP (which could be considered sensitive) to prevent abuse in our services
I'd like to get an image removed.
  • If you want an image to be removed this could mean 2 things, you either uploaded a picture that you didn't actually mean to upload/just want it to be removed. Or an image is breaking the rules (reffering to TOS) and shows sensitive information. If this is your issue please send a mail to [email protected] including the screenshot and reason. We may ask for verification if it's your screenshot this probably could be your IP in order for us to prevent false removals. You can also send a mail to it for any questions.
I found a security issue and I'd like to report it.
  • We take security serious, please report it at our email which is [email protected] we could possibly reward you if this issue is considered a security flaw but reporting still will help the security.